David Schweiger Photography

Hi there!

My name is David and I'm a German photographer, living in Copenhagen. 

The images I create put the human subject front and centre and it is my intention to emphasise people's special traits through my photography. 

Since moving to Copenhagen in 2014, I have worked on a vast number of assignments, such as corporate and private jobs, as well as on a variety of fashion photography productions.

 Despite my increasing focus on portrait and fashion photography, I continue to be available for editorial assignments and private clients, e.g. as a portrait, event and wedding photographer.  

Prior to arriving in Denmark, I have lived and studied in the UK and in the United States for several years combined. This has allowed me to perfect my English, making working with anglophone clients a walk in the park, so to speak.

Contact me for a quote via email or ring me up:                        +45 4222 5773

You can also get in touch via FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIN.

I look forward to hearing how I can help you get the images you need.


David Schweiger.

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